August 2008 Articles

Crude Glycerin for Monogastric Feeds

Energy…Livestock…Green Projects Highlight NRA Central Region Convention

U.S. Government Focuses on Animal Diseases

Very Few Poultry Farms Left in Bangladesh

A Step Toward Reopening Egypt Markets [pdf]

Possible Relaxing of Feed Rule in Europe

View from Washington: Spaghetti and Meatballs Anyone?

Newsline: Wastewater Discharges Kill Fish, FDA Answers Questions to New Feed Rule

From the Association: The Year of the Presidential Election

Biofuels Bulletin: ASTM Approves New Biodiesel Blend Specifications

Alberta Changes BSE Surveillance Program; Canada Finds Thirteenth BSE Case


United States, China Outline Progress on Food/Feed Safety Agreement

International Report: European Renderers Determine World Appears Similar, but Outlooks Differ

ACREC Solutions: One Man’s Passion to Educate on Animal Agriculture

Labor and the Law: Responding to an OSHA Inspection – Employee Interviews

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