Very Few Poultry Farms Left in Bangladesh

Out of the 23,000 poultry farms shut down during the avian influenza outbreak in Bangladesh in 2007, only 4,210 have managed to resume production in the past few months, according to World Poultry. Approximately five million people have lost their jobs in the country due to the farms’ closures.

Due to high interest rates at banks in the region, many poultry farmers have been unable to obtain loans from commercial banks. This, added to the increasing cost of feed, has made it impossible for many to sustain a business. World Poultry reports that many poultry farm owners have rented out their farms and unit space to factories, pesticide companies, and training institutes as they receive a better income than running a poultry facility.

To add to the situation, it is reported that many poultry farm owners have yet to be compensated for culling birds at their farms during the avian influenza outbreak that began in February 2007 and continued into 2008.

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