Dear Editor,
I continue to receive and read Render. I find interesting and useful information in the magazine partially, one might say, because it presents information from the “other side of the fence.” The rendering business is an important component of the livestock industry that has to deal with as much government regulation as any component of the industry.

Dr. David Meeker’s article in the June issue is very informative (“FDA Unleashes New Feed Rule”). The new feed rule puts the industry in an increasingly smaller box and adds more overhead to the entire industry, which I feel is unnecessary.

In 1996, when the original rule was proposed, I went public saying the rule was “ill-advised” (Beef 32(10) p. 25) and “would not address the real hazard” (Feedstuffs 68(18) p. 8). I was criticized for not wanting to apply the “precautionary principle” instead of relying on the facts and science at the time.

As far as I can see, the science and facts have not changed so I still think the rules are “ill-advised.” I realize, of course, that the rendering industry has no choice but to abide by the rules.

R.L. Preston, PhD
Emeritus Professor
Department of Animal Science
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX

Dear Editor,
Thank you for your magazine. We are interested in trends in uses of rendered products, especially biodiesel (and other biofuels). Where America is going and what Americans are thinking is important for the rest of the world.

Owen Bleaken
Flinders Cook (TS), Ltd.
Auckland, New Zealand

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