April 2009 Articles

Market Report 2008[pdf]

Renderers Bailout Themselves [pdf]

Biodiesel Leaders Push for Unity [pdf]

View from Washington: So Far, So Good

Newsline: Rendering is One Solution to Environmental Sustainability

From the Association: Opportunity Awaits in Reopening the Feed Rule

Biofuels Bulletin: San Francisco Lands Grants to Use Trap Grease for Biodiesel Production

International Report: EU Duties on U.S. Biodiesel Bring Debate to the World Biofuels Conference

ACREC Solutions: Success in Improving Method to Count Bacteria in High Fat Materials [pdf]

Tech Topics: Zoonotic Diseases – Their Relationship to Rendering

Labor and the Law: Safety Violations Could Cost You More Than Money – They May Cost You Your Freedom

People, Places & …

EPA Extends SPCC Compliance Dates

Downer Cattle Banned from Slaughter