EPA Seeks Comments on Stormwater Survey

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing a survey to help strengthen stormwater regulations and reduce stormwater discharges from newly developed and redeveloped sites. Stormwater discharges can harm water quality through increases in stormwater volume and pollutant loadings into nearby waterways.

Generally, as sites are developed, less ground area is available for rain to soak into, which increases stormwater volume. This stormwater flows across roads, rooftops, and other surfaces, picking up pollutants that then flow into waterways. The draft survey would require detailed information about stormwater management and control practices, local regulations, and baseline financial information.

EPA plans to propose a rule to control stormwater from newly developed and redeveloped sites and to take final action no later than November 2012. In support of this rulemaking, EPA is proposing to require three different groups to complete questionnaires about current stormwater management practices: 1) the owners, operators, developers, and contractors of newly developed and redeveloped sites; 2) the owners and operators of municipal separate storm sewer systems; and 3) states and territories.

The proposed survey is open for public comment until December 29, 2009. More information is available at www.epa.gov/npdes/stormwater/rulemaking.

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