February 2009 Articles

Taking Animal Fat Biodiesel to the Next Level [pdf]

A Buyer’s Guide to Rendered Fats [pdf]

Canadian Renderer Powers Fleet on Its Own Biodiesel – in the Middle of Winter

View from Washington: Now for the Heavy Lifting

Newsline: California Adopts Landmark Air Pollution Rules

From the Association: What a Difference a Year Makes

International Report: The Emerging South American Biodiesel Industry [pdf]

ACREC Solutions: An Open Invitation to Meet ACREC Researchers

International Subscribers Now Have E-mail Option

Tech Topics: Top 10 Trends to Watch in 2009

Labor and the Law: ADA Amendments: Enhanced Employer Obligations and Liabilities

Revised FMLA Regulations to Impose New Employer and Employee Obligations

People, Places & …