April 2010 Articles

Market Report 2009: Amidst a domestic slump, the industry looks globally [pdf]

Grease Theft Back on Radar Screen at Pacific Coast Renderers Association Convention [pdf]

Small Glimmer of Hope Emerges for a Struggling Biodiesel Industry

View from Washington: Pondering Sustainability and the Food Chain

Newsline: Sustainability is Here to Stay

Clean Water Awards Given

USDA Takes New Approach to Animal Disease Traceability

Virginia Passes Grease Theft Law

From the Association: A Bit of This and That Keeps Life Interesting

Agriculture Receives Millions to Promote Exports

New BSE Case in Canada

Biofuels Bulletin: Long-awaited Renewable Fue Standard Finalized

International Report: Animal Fats Touted on World Biofuels Stage

Canada Gives Millions to OIE

Tech Topics: Process Validation: An Essential Step in Establishing a Rendering HACCP System [pdf]

ACREC Solutions: Validation of Thermal Destruction of Avian Influenza Virus in Rendered Products

Labor and the Law: Best Practices for Conducting a Compliant Hazard Assessment

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