Dear Editor,
Thanks for your article in the June 2010 edition that summarized the discussions from the National Renderers Association Spring Meeting for those of us who were not able to attend. I especially appreciated the comments from the Biofuels Committee regarding the February release of the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Renewable Fuel Standard and the early work completed by the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation in greenhouse gas reductions.

In the future, the Biofuels Committee responsibilities might be expanded to include “bioproducts” since rendered products are now increasingly being utilized as feedstocks for non-fuel, recyclable, renewable substitutes for petroleum-derived products; examples would include using fat-derived waxes as substitutes for paraffinic-based coatings. In some water-proofing applications, paraffin-based coatings require the product to be landfilled after use; when rendered fats and oils are used as paraffin substitutes, the water-proofed items can be recycled or composted. In many cases, these substitutes are already competitively priced with petroleum-based products and government subsidies or tax credits are not needed. Just as the industry benefited from early member efforts in biofuels, possibly more valuable benefits would derive from similar efforts in bioproducts.

Thanks again for your excellent coverage.

Fred Wellons
Chemol Company, Inc.
Greensboro, NC

Dear Editor,
That was a wonderful article on Frank Burnham (June 2010 Render). He truly changed the way the world sees rendering with the magazine and books! It was an honor several years ago to be featured in an all but very small article and the first article in Render on biodiesel. And now Render has huge sections dedicated to the production and sales of biodiesel. This is one of my favorite magazines that I read cover to cover. Best regards.

Norma Havens
USA Fleet Solutions
Reno, NV

Dear Editor,
I love the book. It gives a lot of facts about rendering. I got the book from R.E. Ebersole. Is there any way to give more about hides from each slaughterhouse, and how much trucks haul like in California, Iowa, Virginia, and Washington? I wish I worked for rendering. The book keeps me informed about rendering. Thank you.

Jeff Strominger
Maretta, PA

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