February 2010 Articles

Heed the Call: Congress, Extend Those Biodiesel Tax Credits![pdf]

Studies Show Renewable Fuels Reduce Greenhouse Gases Considerably [pdf]

View from Washington: It’s Still the Economy, Congress

Newsline: California Leading the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Revolution

Dairy Producers to Work on Curbing GHG Emissions

Biofuels Bulletin: New Mexico Leaders Take Step in Developing Sustainable Biofuels Industry

From the Association: Working for the Good of the Industry

Uproar over EPA’s Finding that Greenhouse Gases Endanger Public Health

International Report: Canada Invests in Biodiesel Research, British Columbia Mandates Blend

Philippine Market Open, in Theory

ACREC Solutions: Biodiesel Synthesis from Animal Fats Using Solid Catalysts

Labor and the Law: After the Storm: Disaster Recovery and Employee Safety

Europe Funds Animal Disease Programs

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