June 2010 Articles

Treating Gaseous Effluents by Thermal Oxidation [pdf]

EPA Finalizes Thresholds for Greenhouse Gas Permitting Requirements

Feed Rule Compliance Excellent

Regulations and Export Markets Topics for Discussion at NRA Spring Meeting

Kentucky Hospitality

Animal Nutrition Focus of Research Seminar

APPI Testing Program Continues to Ensure Safe Product [pdf]

Australia Invests in FMD Preparedness Program

View from Washington: Jumping Through Trade Barrier Hoops

Newsline: A Gentle Giant is Remembered

From the Association: Sorting Out the Babble

Biofuels Bulletin: Tallow Feedstock of Choice in Biodiesel Projects

What, Where, How? Some Answers to EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard

International Report: The Role of the World Renderers Organization

Tech Topics: Locking Cap Aims to Prevent Grease Thefts

ACREC Solutions: Carnosine Concentration and Antioxidant Activity in Animal Protein Meals


Labor and the Law: OSHA Ups the Enforcement Ante on Employers

People, Places, &…

Accent: People [pdf]