Kentucky Hospitality

During the National Renderers Association spring meeting in Cincinnati, OH, Griffin Industries, Inc., treated attendees to a tour of its new headquarter offices located across the river in Cold Spring, KY, followed by a dinner reception. Two bus loads of renderers savored in the Southern hospitality and the scrumptious riverside dining experience.

Griffin Industries emerged in 1943 as a one-man dead stock collection operation in Falmouth, KY. Throughout the 1940s, John L. Griffin worked day and night to build-up his rendering business, eventually constructing his first plant in 1947 in Butler, KY. Over 25 years later, with the company now boasting six major plants, it was decided to move the corporate headquarters from the Butler facility to Cold Spring, KY. John purchased five-and-a-half acres that included a 104-year old vacant house that had formerly been called the Eight Mile House because it was located eight miles from the Ohio River. It had been used as part of the Underground Railroad for slaves as they were making their way north to freedom. Because of its history, it was decided to restore the old house to its stately southern style instead of building a new structure. The corporate offices officially relocated on April 1, 1974.

In 1986, a 10,000-square-foot addition was built and in 1991 a separate building was constructed to house the company’s engineering and environmental departments. Late in 2007, the Griffin brothers decided additional office space would be needed to accommodate the future growth of the company. Dennis Griffin, oldest son of John, was selected to design the building while Robert Griffin, Dennis’ brother, oversaw construction. In January 2009, Griffin employees officially moved in.

The 45,000-square-foot, three level building has received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, Green Building certification. The walls are unique in design – they are insulated permanent panels filled with concrete to provide energy and sound efficiency. The building features a cafeteria that provides the nearly 85 employees a hot meal three days a week for the low price of $5 a person, which the company elects to pay.

The original office still stands and will be utilized for future business growth and ventures. The engineering and environmental building constructed in 1991 is now used for storage of business records. The newly built offices are home to the Griffin corporate leadership, marketing and sales team, legal department, and a host of other staff that support Griffin Industries, a company that now boasts 28 processing plants and 27 transfer stations across 18 states.

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