World Renderers Elect Officers

The World Renderers Organization (WRO) held their annual meeting in late July in Sydney, Australia, just prior to the Australian Renderers Association 11th International Symposium. One piece of business the group took care of was election of new officers for the next two years. Serving as WRO president will be David Kaluzny II, the United States; first vice president is Stephen Woodgate, the United Kingdom; and chosen as second vice president was Tim Juzefowicz, Australia. (Photo available on page 40.)

Other tasks at hand included continuing the effort to finalize a best practices guideline. Alan von Tunzelman, outgoing WRO president, stated that one document isn’t necessarily going to be what every country needs, but it could be a starting point especially for those countries whose rendering industries are just emerging. Bill Spooncer, Kurrajong Meat Technology in Australia, presented a draft guideline that uses hygiene methods as a starting point. Because of varying procedures for integrated and independent renderers, different equipment like batch versus continuous, and distinct regulations in each country, a sample hazard analysis and critical control point plan will be added.

Kent Swisher, National Renderers Association, and Sergio Nates, Fats and Proteins Research Foundation, informed the organization that they are working with the rendering industries in Chile and Argentina in an effort to assemble their respective country’s association so they can eventually join the world organization.

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