The year 2011 marks a major milestone… Render begins its fortieth year in publication. That’s quite an accomplishment for a magazine about an “invisible industry” that no one knew anything about back in the early 1970s. But times have changed, the government’s and public’s thinking has changed, and it’s time everyone knew about the “greenest industry.”

Render has been serving the rendering and affiliated industries for four decades, first primarily on the West Coast, then expanding across the United States, and eventually reaching out across North America and the world. Renderers, livestock producers, government regulators, feed manufacturers, and now biofuels producers absorb the stories printed on these pages that address challenges and opportunities faced by a global industry. There is no other publication in the world like Render.

For that reason, Render’s tagline, “The National Magazine of Rendering,” has been changed to “The International Magazine of Rendering” as we reach out to a more global audience, a more global industry.

The rendering industry has seen a lot of changes in the past 40 years, and Render will take a look back over the past four decades to highlight some of those transformations, such as new markets the industry has embraced beginning with biofuels in this issue.

We’ve also taken this milestone opportunity to refresh the pages of Render just a bit to create a cleaner, easier to read magazine as we all go about our busy, electronic lives. And while the majority of readers still prefer to receive “The International Magazine of Rendering” in its traditional printed form, Render continues to be available as a pdf on our Web site at for those who prefer an electronic version.

But no matter in what manner you flip through the pages of this 40-year-old magazine, in whatever country, we hope you continue to absorb, learn, and help promote this invaluable industry, its people, and its service.

Here’s to the next 40 years!

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