June 2011 Articles

Global Trade is Good for Every Renderer [pdf]

Renderers Wrestle with Finding Solutions

Canadian Renderers Voice Concerns to Government Officials


View from Washington: A Scattershot Approach to Energy Policy

Newsline: Environmental Upgrade a Winner

Researchers Create Plastics from Chicken Feathers

APPI Membership: A Commitment to Excellence [pdf]

From the Association: The Importance of Free Trade and Export Markets

Millions in Export Marketing Funds Awarded

Biofuels Bulletin: Australia Taxes Imports; EU Expands Tariffs

EPA Solid Waste Rule – Burning Fat as a Boiler Fuel

International Report: Banking on Brazil

ACREC Solutions: Undergraduate Class Tackles Rendering Challenges

Labor and the Law: Campaign to Protect Employees from Heat Hazards

People, Places, &… [pdf]