Dear Editor,

The purpose of this letter is to express on behalf of everyone involved with the World Renderers Organization sincere thanks to Alan von Tunzelman who has presided over the outfit for the past two years.

Not many of you would be aware of the fact that Alan operates out of a small office at the PVL Proteins plant in Auckland, New Zealand. (You would be well aware of the New Zealand connection.)

Alan’s dedication means most of the groundwork has been done late at night, when the rest of the world was humming and Alan should have been snoring. All the reports, presentations, and correspondence have been handled by Alan with maybe a little help from his wife, Lynley. Thank you, Lynley.

Alan has been a fantastic ambassador for the rendering industry and of course the Land of the Long White Cloud, and continues to do so. He has attended conferences in China, Thailand, South America, plus the National Renderers Association, European Fat Processors and Renderers Association, and Australian Renderers Association conventions. He has handled his position with great aplomb and professionalism. In fact, his only blooper was being half an hour late for his final meeting.

Thanks should also go to his team of “offsiders,” David Kaluzny II and Stephen Woodgate, and also to Kent Swisher and Sergio Nates.

Thanks, Alan, on a job well done.
Andrew Bennett
Hazelmere, WA, Australia

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