Victory for Vernon!

California Assembly Bill (AB) 46, a bill to disincorporate cities with fewer than 150 residents that was addressed in this column in the August issue of Render, went down in defeat in the state Senate in late August. It appears an aggressive reform plan put forth when the legislation reconvened in mid-August by Senator Kevin de Leon, another Los Angeles Democrat, and unanimously adopted by the Vernon City Council swayed Senate Democrats to allow the city to get its act together, thus voting down AB 46 by a margin of four votes. Speaker of the Assembly John A. Pérez, the bill’s author, called the Senate vote a deep disappointment.

Vernon businesses are breathing a collective sigh of relief as predictions were escalating costs could run into the tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars if the city was disincorporated. Now time will tell if Vernon can turn things around and be the truly beneficial city to California businesses it has been for the past 106 years.

Another victory has been declared, this time at the federal level.

For the past two years, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and President Barack Obama’s admin-istration have been working at imposing new ozone regulations on U.S. businesses, including renderers. A coalition of agricultural interests, which includes the National Renderers Association, has been taking every opportunity to provide data to the administration and Congress about the negative economic impact of those proposed changes. Well, it appears someone listened as the Obama administration has requested that EPA withdraw the draft Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards at this time.

Arguments the coalition made were part of the justification for withdrawing the draft, indicating that one small step has been made in battling the regulation-crazy EPA. However, there remains a myriad of other ill-advised regulations pending in Washington, DC, that still need to be addressed.

The rendering industry must continue its vigilance and keep up the good fight toward more victories.

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