Mexico Battles Flu Outbreak in Chickens

As of July 19, 2012, officials in Jalisco, Mexico, had culled about 3.8 million chickens to contain an H7N3 avian flu outbreak, with another 9.3 million birds under observation.

According to Mexico’s food safety agency, SENASICA, 253 poultry farms have been inspected, with 83 declared to be free of the virus, 33 confirmed to have the virus, and the remaining 138 facilities still to be diagnosed. Jalisco accounts for 55 percent of the country’s egg output.

The Ministry of Agriculture noted the culling measures are intended to protect poultry production; the H7N3 virus does not pose a health risk for human consumption. Authorities are requiring vaccinations for healthy chickens to stop the spread of the virus, and private labs in Mexico were working diligently to produce 80 million doses to meet the demand.

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