Rendered Products in Feed the Focus of Symposium

The 2013 International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) will feature an international rendering symposium entitled “Using Rendered Products to Combat High Feed Costs.” The program is co-sponsored by the National Renderers Association (NRA) and the United States (US) Poultry and Egg Association.

“The main focus of the symposium this year is combating high feed costs,” said Dr. Jessica Meisinger, director of Communications and Education for NRA. “This program will include many nationally recognized speakers discussing very important and timely issues for the feed industry.”

The US rendering industry collects and safely processes more than 50 billion pounds of animal by-products each year. Through this process, the industry converts these materials into fats and proteins used in animal feed. The rendering industry provides services for the safe collection of these materials, transports the materials in biosecure, leak-proof trucks, and uses heat (240 to 290 degrees Fahrenheit) to dehydrate and separate the fat and solid materials. This extensive process builds on the need to include safety and quality into a rendered product. 

Program topics will include the safety and quality of rendered products, innovation in the rendering industry, rendering as a green industry, quality assurance in manufacturing rendered products from a supplier perspective, controlling Salmonella in feed, production profile of rendered protein meals in Latin America and its market needs for the pet food market, and presentations about feeding rendered products to pets, aquaculture, poultry, and swine.

IPPE will serve as the umbrella for the joint US Poultry and Egg Association, American Feed Industry Association, and American Meat Institute 2013 Expo in Atlanta, GA, January 29-31, 2013. The International Rendering Symposium is Thursday and Friday, January 31 and February 1.

The conference agenda can be viewed at

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