It’s that wonderful time of year when families and friends around the world gather together to celebrate Christmas and other religious holidays and the start of a new year. These get-togethers also give everyone the chance to catch-up on each other’s lives.

The rendering industry is much like a family, gathering around the globe several times a year at various meetings to celebrate successes, plan solutions to challenges, and reconnect on personal and professional levels. Friendships are renewed around dinner or a glass of beer or wine and embraced until the next get-together.

So when tragedy strikes a rendering family (or two), our hearts weigh heavy at their pain and suffering as we offer thoughts of strength and healing. At the recent National Renderers Association convention in California, we heard heartbreaking news affecting two rendering families – the Gays of Protein Products, Inc. in Gainesville, GA, who lost their 21-year-old son, Jeffrey, and the Andreolis of Baker Commodities, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA, whose 24-year-old son and grandson, Jimmy, suffered major injuries in a car accident.

While Jeff and Cindy Gay grieve the death of a child, a loss so unfathomable, we as an industry mourn along with them at the passing of a young life full of potential and promise. We are saddened for them and offer our support and comfort as only an industry family can.

Across the country, at almost the same time, Jim and Patricia Andreoili received devastating news that their son had been in a horrific, explosive car accident just blocks from home. With multiple surgeries and the finest medical care, Jimmy is slowly on the long road to recovery with healing prayers and thoughts from his extended rendering family.

So as we celebrate this holiday season with family and friends, take a moment and say an extra prayer or light an extra candle for those rendering family members who are dealing with personal loss or challenges. And give an extra hug to those who mean so much in your life.

Hugs to all of you and best wishes for a safe and joyful holiday season!

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