June 2012

Bioaugmentation for Wastewater Systems [pdf]

Newsline: BSE in California, Salmonella Linked to Dog Food

FPRF: Still Standing After 50 Years, But What’s Next?


View from Washington: A Media Slap Down

The Cow that Didn’t Steal the Meeting

Canadian Issues Addressed

APPI Membership: A Commitment to Excellence

From the Association: Jumping Through Hoops Once Again

Biofuels Bulletin: Airlines Rely on Used Cooking Oil Biofuels

International Report: Communications: Send, Receive, and Respond!

Tech Topics: Digestibility Dilemma [pdf]

ACREC Solutions: Additive-free Wastewater Treatment Method

Labor and the Law: OSHA Issues Final Hazard Communication Rule [pdf]

People, Places, and…