October 2012

Catering to the Pet Food Market

AVMA Discourages Raw Pet Food Diets

Global Pet Food Sales to Reach $74.8 Billion by 2017

Sponsors, Exhibitors Support NRA and the Industry [pdf]


View from Washington: November 6th Looms

Newsline: Baker Commodities Marks a Milestone

Valley Proteins Wins Grease Theft Conviction

BSE Investigation in California Complete

From the Association: Election Year Tactics

International Report: Latin America’s Role Over the Next Decade

Biofuels Bulletin: Restaurants Must Sell Used Oil for Biofuels

Biodiesel Helps Boost American Ag, Rendering Industries

ACREC Solutions: Researcher Commended for Industry Contributions

Tech Topics: Globalization, Harmonization, and Realization


Labor and the Law: Office Gossip

Maryland Grease Haulers Must Register

People, Places, and… [pdf]