Dear Editor,
This message is to commend David Hull for his work on the article in your August issue, “Taking Grease Theft One Step Further.” This is important news for both the rendering industry as well as the restaurant industry. Mahoney Environmental appreciates being able to share the expertise that we have collected over the past 60 years. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are ever looking for a fresh topic in used cooking oil. I am always available to chat about all things greasy.

Again, great article and thank you for addressing this serious issue.

Warm regards,

Justin Miller
Mahoney Environmental

Dear Editor,
In learning that Dr. Tom Jenkins is retiring from Clemson University ( “ACREC Solutions,” page 30), the first reaction was regret. In fact, his retirement will be a real loss to the university, the community, the dairy industry, and certainly, the rendering industry. Jenkins has been a long-time supporter of the industry as both a basic and applied researcher for its products. His research focusing on the utilization of fat in ruminant diets has been instrumental in providing practical answers for the use of animal-derived fats in dairy cattle rations.

In order to validate his research hypothesis, Jenkins developed a laboratory rumen simulation model that greatly enhanced the research process prior to the lengthy and expensive animal trials. He has been a respected spokesman for the rendering industry and its products, has completed a number of research projects for the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation, and served on its Research Committee. The literature is filled with his peer reviewed publications as well as the proceedings of nearly every annually scheduled nutrition conference.

Having been the recipient of many honors and awards, perhaps the 2011 American Dairy Science Association’s Applied Dairy Nutrition Award is most prestigious and summarizes Jenkins’ exemplary career.

It will be difficult to fill his void, but in resolve, just knowing of the value he placed in his graduate students, his legacy will undoubtedly be carried forward. We wish Dr. and Mrs. Jenkins and family the very best in his most deserved retirement.

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Pearl
Past President, Fats and Proteins Research Foundation
Adjunct Professor, Clemson University

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