April 2013

Market Report – US Rendering: A $10 Billion Industry [pdf]

Grease Theft Still Frustrating West Coast Renderers

Rendered Products Remain Quality Feed Ingredients


View from Washington: Economic Challenges

Newsline: Industry and Government Confront State Issues

World Feed Production Up to 959 Million Tons

Biodiesel Industry Strives to Build Momentum

Biodiesel Leaders, Early Pioneers Recognized

California is Hot Spot for Biodiesel [pdf]

From the Association: The Great Political Divide

OIE Advises Upgrading US BSE Risk Status

Biofuels Bulletin: California Awards Millions for Biofuels

International Report: Opening Eyes to the World of Rendering

EU Clears Use of Some Animal Proteins in Fish Feeds

ACREC Solutions: 30,000 Petri Dishes Later

Tech Topics: Nutrient Water Quality Standards [pdf]

Labor and the Law: OSHA Trumps ADA in Drug and Alcohol Testing


People, Places, and…[pdf]