Opening Eyes to the World of Rendering

By Stephen Woodgate
First Vice President, World Renderers Organization

This issue’s column highlights the main World Renderers Organization (WRO) activities since the start of the year, a year in which the WRO leadership hopes will mark significant progress for the organization.

The key event for WRO in the first half of 2013 is its involvement with the 4th Global Feed and Food Congress ( to be held in Sun City, South Africa, April 8-12. There will be a half-day WRO program to include a number of international speakers knowledgeable on the rendering industry and its end product usage in feed for pets, poultry, swine, and aquaculture. In designing the program, the WRO leadership tried to ensure as many aspects of the industry were covered by as wide a variety of people as possible from around the world. WRO is particularly pleased to include two speakers from Renderers RSA, the new and united trade association for the Republic of South Africa (RSA). It is hoped that in time, Renderers RSA will join WRO as its newest member.

That highlights a key point for WRO attending such an event: making contact with new countries and in particular, those from the developing countries that will attend such an event. Of course, thanks also go out to the other speakers in advance, including Martin Alm from the European Fat Processors and Renderers Association (EFPRA), Jeff Firman and Albert Tacon from the United States, and Tony Edwards from Australia. WRO President Dave Kaluzny II will give the keynote address and this author will attempt to keep everyone in good order and on schedule. All the speaker presentations will be made available on WRO’s new website.

There are other aspects of the Global Feed and Food Congress worthy of note, including an opening address by the president of the International Feed Industry Federation, Mario Cutait from Brazil, and a welcome from the Honorable Tina Joemat-Pettersson, South African Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries. On day one, there is a global outlook panel discussion followed by sessions on animal production, feed manufacturing practices, and sustainability.

On day two, the WRO program is featured in the morning alongside sessions on technology, feed additives, and species-specific nutrition topics. On day three, there is a stand-alone workshop held by the International Dairy Federation in conjunction with sessions on feed and food safety and challenges facing South Africa.

Overall, the meeting will cover a wide range of topics, some of which may not appear to be directly relevant to WRO. However, the organization’s delegates should be able to learn a lot from both listening to the presentations and interacting with attendees in breakouts. It’s also possible to open delegates’ eyes to the world of rendering! As silver sponsors of the congress, WRO will be able to distribute its new brochure to all who attend, so hopefully that increased awareness is the least of the benefits we will see from our participation.

Although by the time you read this it may be too late to consider attending yourself, a full report on the Global Feed and Food Congress will appear in the June issue of Render magazine.

As part of the WRO agenda to attract a wider membership and participation in 2013, the leadership confirmed a proposal to update the organization’s website as a priority. This work has now been completed, and we are pleased to announce that the newly designed WRO website is now fully open for business. One of the big advantages of the new website is that it is fully compatible for use with tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. This will make much more accessible for all and hopefully encourage people to visit, learn, and consider joining WRO as a member.

The objective of the work has been to present a welcoming, fresh, and interesting website that can be maintained with input from members. As we all know, keeping a website updated and current is a most important aspect of presenting a good image. The new site will give WRO a great opportunity to exchange, link, and network with such valuable contacts as international trade associations and worldwide regulatory bodies. Importantly, the website will be able to host all presentations made by the leadership or members, such as from the Global Feed and Food Congress mentioned earlier. All interested parties, whether WRO members or not, are urged to have a look and send comments and ideas for future updates.

Last but not least, there are upcoming meetings where WRO business will be debated in dedicated sessions. In Europe, the EFPRA Congress ( will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, June 12-15, 2013, and in Australia, the city of Melbourne will play host to the Australian Renderers Association Symposium ( July 23-26. From all the promotional information coming up from “down under,” those attending will be subjected to the prospect of some great hospitality from our Australian hosts (and no doubt, their New Zealand neighbors as well). In both Prague and Melbourne, WRO will hold interim meetings to progress the group’s current strategy, then continue the development and refinement of the organization’s program for further debate and decisions at the National Renderers Association convention in Naples, FL, in late October.

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