It’s been a busy year already and we’re only a quarter of the way through!

As you’ll notice throughout this issue of Render, our biggest one of the year, articles run the gamut, from feed markets to politics and regulations to grease theft and everything in between. Even the locales covered span a broad range, from the State of California to rules moving forth in Europe and the commissioning of a new processing line in Australia. The industry is busy as a bee and renderers around the world appear to like it that way.

We wouldn’t have it any other way at Render either. For 42 years, the pages of what is now recognized as The International Magazine of Rendering has been the go-to forum for the latest, greatest, and even the not so best news about the rendering and affiliated industries. New markets, or ensuring existing markets stay put, pending regulations, keeping plants in top optimal running order, and news from around the world is what we try to bring _Render_’s readers each and every issue, six times a year. And what a pleasure when someone lets us know we’re hitting the mark (see “Letters”).

The April issue traditionally includes the United States (US) industry’s annual market report, and has for over 30 years. This month is no different. Yet it’s getting tougher each year to collect and analyze the data, especially now that the US government no longer gathers the sometimes proprietary information we’ve come to depend on. Nonetheless, the National Renderers Association’s Kent Swisher has trudged through statistics gathered near and far (and even thrown a few darts) to continue to bring our industry the most accurate numbers on how it’s doing. It’s a tough job, and we thank Swisher for doing it!

And talk about busy! California renderers and biodiesel producers are on a whirlwind ride, working diligently at curtailing the ongoing grease theft problem and striving to meet the state’s low carbon fuel standard despite ever-increasing feedstock constraints. Both are hoping to ultimately strike gold in the Golden State. Eureka!

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