August 2013

Fish Feed and Fur Animals Focus of European Renderers

European Raw Material Volume Declining

Only Relaxation in Europe is on Feed Ban

Sustainability and Global Markets in the Land Down Under

Keeping an Eye on Biodiesel Imports/Exports


View from Washington: Optimistic Moaning

Newsline: Operations and OSHA at Central Region Meeting

From the Association: A Video and Move Make for a Busy Summer

FDA Ordered to Release Food Safety Regs

International Report: What Next for the WRO?

Biofuels Bulletin: Sanimax Teams Up to Build Bioenergy Facility

ACREC Solutions: ACREC Chemical Engineering Professor Retires

FDA Releases Salmonella Guidance

Tech Topics: The Surge of Animal By-products

Labor and the Law: Putting the “Super” Back in Supervisor

People, Places, and…