A Video and Move Make for a Busy Summer

By Tom Cook
President, National Renderers Association

It’s been a very busy summer at the National Renderers Association (NRA) headquarters.

First, the industry has a new video, “Rendering: The Sustainable Solution.” It was two years in the making and can be viewed on YouTube at http://tinyurl.com/not7fdy. The video was written and produced with the general public in mind and uploaded to YouTube to make it accessible to the largest audience possible. Thus far, the response has been very positive and it will soon be available in Spanish and French. The NRA is executing an extensive program to distribute the video as broadly as possible. Leaders and influencers in media, government, education, and related industries are being targeted to receive and share the video with others. NRA members are encouraged to put it on their websites and share with their local audiences.

The NRA offices have moved, again. Finally, the staff is settling into their new offices and it has been quite a journey. The first move was into a temporary space for four months while the permanent office was being built out. The last time NRA moved, seven years ago, it was just across the hall to a larger space. When one moves to a larger space, there is more room to store things. NRA was in the previous building for 20 years, a lot of time to accumulate a lot of “stuff.”

When the NRA lease expired, it was decided to check out the local market and consider downsizing. What was found was a more desirable building in the same area with a little smaller office suite that could be built out to meet the staff’s needs. In addition, NRA would save around $10,000 a year in rent, a benefit since office leases in the Alexandria, VA, area are very competitive. NRA now has a nice new office along with over six months of free rent.

The entire exercise was very cleansing. Files that hadn’t been looked at since NRA moved from Chicago, IL, in the mid-1980s were cleaned out. Staff was careful to keep what was needed, although it’s unimaginable what one tends to keep when there is room for it. It seemed safer to save it than to pitch it.

However, I was challenged several times planning and executing the move. The physical move was pretty easy as movers were hired, bringing four trucks and a crew of 15 to make the first move. They repeated the same exercise on the second move, but with less crew, since it was much easier relocating from the second floor to the third floor.

I wish I could say it was just as easy transferring data and phone lines. Since staff hadn’t been happy with the service in the old office, it was decided to change vendors. When contacted, they were very cordial and accommodating. Since I am challenged with their terminology, care was taken in placing the order, but there were miscommunications from the beginning. It all came to a head when they showed up to install the equipment on move-in day at the temporary offices. They brought equipment that was incompatible with the current system. As hard as the company tried to remedy the situation, the phone and data lines were not completely up and running for 10 days.

So, when it was time to move into the new offices, the new vender was contacted four weeks prior to the scheduled move. They wanted more time, but proceeded with assurances that all would be okay. One week before the planned move, they informed me they couldn’t schedule a technician for that move-in date. In order to get a firm commitment, NRA had to agree on a move-in date two weeks later. Although this was not the end of the problems, with some patience on our end and responsiveness on their end, NRA phones and data lines are finally up and running.

The new office is located in Old Town Alexandria, VA, a very historic area, only 15 minutes from Washington, DC. Come see us!

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