Rendering has definitely become a global industry.

Nowhere was this more evident than at two recent meetings – the European Fat Processors and Renderers Association (EFPRA) Congress in Prague, Czech Republic, in June and the Australian Renderers Association (ARA) Symposium in Melbourne, Australia, in July. EFPRA drew attendees from 37 countries; granted many were from Europe, but attendees also traveled from Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Thailand, and the United States to learn what’s happening in Europe.

Although fewer countries were represented at the ARA meeting, there was still quite an international flavor as delegates from Brazil, Ireland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States made the long journey to the land down under. Even a few New Zealanders ventured across the Tasman Sea to share their experiences and learn from others. When asked, the renderer from Ireland said he endured the nearly 24-hour trip for his first Australia visit to learn more about the country’s rendering industry. And learn he did, while also enjoying the friendly hospitality!

Whether it’s because of regulations, trade market access, or various technologies, vast bodies of ocean waters no longer disconnect the global rendering industry. Where one market may close for one country, it may open for another. When developing countries attempt to adapt legislation that is unfriendly to trade or production of rendered products, others may step in to educate governments. Where one technology helps reduce carbon emissions for a rendering facility, another renderer may learn how to apply that process in their own homeland.

Yes, rendering is a global industry, and Render is an international magazine that will travel to great lengths to ensure its readers know and learn about what’s happening in the various corners of our Earth. Reports on both meetings are included in this issue and we hope you see the value in connecting with colleagues, business partners, and friends from around the world.

We most certainly do!

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