Render, the international magazine of rendering, will soon begin its forty-third year in print. Wow! What an accomplishment! Reaching that milestone comes with many thanks, in part, to the backing of a solid industry and organization like the National Renderers Association (NRA).

It takes a lot of effort to put a publication together, and Render has been very fortunate to have some great men and women striving to broadcast the most pertinent, informative, and newsworthy information to the rendering and affiliated industries. One of those individuals is retiring this month, and he will be missed, both professionally and personally.

Tom Cook took over as NRA president in early 1997, just a few issues after this editor took the helm, coming in at a time of bovine spongiform encephalopathy and increased government regulations. We both painstakingly first had to learn how to spell this troublesome disease, then push through the rumors, facts, and science that came from every direction. In the end, regulations were finalized and Tom went on to become one of the association’s longest serving and most appreciated presidents.

As editor, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Tom over the nearly 17 years he diligently wrote the “From the Association” column in five of the six issues of Render each year. I have also enjoyed listening to his stories each time we met at the many, many industry meetings throughout the world. I can truly say Tom and his lovely wife Judy have become good friends and add a bit of sunshine and harmony to my professional and personal life. He has been a good man to work for and work with and I have been truly blessed for that opportunity.

I am jealous of Tom’s retirement and know the decision wasn’t an easy one for him to reach (or move on to), but change is always inevitable and we both know this is a good move for him and Judy and I wish them all the best for many, many years to come.

And know, Tom, that Render’s door is always open for a visit, both professionally and personally!

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