April 2014

Market Report: Pressure is on US supplies, prices, and exports [pdf]

California Renderers Focus on Regulations and Animal Disease [pdf]

Sanimax: A Family Story for 75 Years


View from Washington: Complexities of Trade

Newsline: Fine-tuning the Grease Theft Battle in California

Rendering Industry Prioritizes Research [pdf]

Pork Industry Strategizes to Stop PEDV

Rule Proposed on Transporting Human and Animal Food

Spending on Pets Reaches All-time High

Researcher Creates Used Cooking Oil-based ‘Bioasphalt’

From the Association: Connecting with Millennials

Biofuels Bulletin: Biodiesel Gets Chunk of $60 Million USDA Monies

International Report: World Renderers Engage with OIE

ACREC Solutions: Novel Natural Antioxidants from Poultry Blood [pdf]

Labor and the Law: Uncertainty in a Certain World

People, Places, and…