December 2014

Renderers Learn to Adapt as more Government Regulations Loom

Newsline: Unlikely Regs Could Impact Renderers

FDA Proposes Revised Rule for Animal Food


View from Washington: The 114th Congress Under Republican Rule

Research Group Returning a Good Value

Poultry Renderers Urged to Remain Calm

From the Association: State of the North American Rendering Industry

Biofuels Bulletin: Busy Times for Biofuels in California

International Report: WRO Meets Both East and West

OIE Confirms Feed Not Source of Porcine Virus Infection

ACREC Solutions: Converting Animal Fats to Omega-3 Fatty Acids

GMOs and Sustainability at Joint Feed Meeting

Tech Topics: Profiting from Secondary Product Nutrients

Labor and the Law: Happy New Year! OSHA Revises Recordkeeping Rule

NRA Awarded Funds

People, Places, and…