February 2015

Regulatory Gridlock Plagues Biodiesel Industry

California Biodiesel Powers On

Educating on an International Level

Small Producers Remain Cautiously Optimistic

Biodiesel from Animal Fat Greatly Reduces GHGs


View from Washington: And So it Begins

Newsline: California Grease Program Faces Financial Pressure

Feed Low Risk for PEDv

Industry Responds to Revised Feed Rule

Biofuels Bulletin: US Biofuel Payments See Considerable Drop

From the Association: Strategizing for the Future

Industry Mourns a Leader

International Report: Resolving to be Globally Stronger


ACREC Solutions: Renderable Gloves Prevent Contamination

Labor and the Law: Coping with Mandatory Sick Leave Policies

Employers Can’t Reimburse Health Insurance Premiums

People, Places, and…