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Australian Renderers Group Founder Dies

Brian Bartlett, founder of the Australian Renderers Association (ARA), died on March 14, 2016. He was 81 years old.

Bartlett’s name is synonymous with the ARA, which he founded in 1976 as the Australian Meat and Bone Meal Shippers’ and Producers’ Association. Until then there had been no specific representation of the Australian rendering industry, which was generally regarded as a by-product of the country’s livestock and meat industries. Bartlett was the first ARA national president, a position he held until 1992 after which he maintained an active interest in ARA and its members. He was a mentor to many ARA directors in the years after his retirement and was a strong supporter of the establishment of the World Renderers Organization in 1999.

At the time he founded ARA, Bartlett was concerned about two specific areas affecting the production and trading of rendered products: the need to abolish the Australian government’s restrictions on the export of meat and bone meal and the lack of competition within the shipping industry that led to respect of shipping freight rates offered to shippers of rendered products. Under Bartlett’s guidance and with his significant contacts, he was able to get the export markets open for rendered products through the removal of export restrictions by the government. Through his persistence, shipping freight rates and conditions for the export of rendered products to the European, North American, and Asian markets became workable within the rendering industry.

When bovine spongiform encephalopathy arose in the United Kingdom and then Europe in the late 1980s, Bartlett was at the forefront of the Australian response with the assistance of the government, in particular Australian Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Gardner Murray. Under Bartlett’s chairmanship, ARA developed and implemented a Code of Practice for Hygienic Rendering followed by a system of accrediting rendering establishments and select personnel (by training through workshops that continue today) on the ARA Code of Practice. To assist with education of the industry, a symposium was organized and first held in 1991, at which Dr. Fred Bisplinghoff was the keynote speaker. These symposiums have continued every two years since then.

On Australia Day (January 26) 2004, Bartlett was appointed a member of the Order of Australia for his service to rendered animal product and grain export markets, the ARA, and his support for nutrition research.

Darling Enters Joint Venture to Harvest Insects for Feed

Intrexon Corporation, a leader in synthetic biology, is acquiring EnviroFlight LLC and will form a joint venture with Darling Ingredients Inc. to develop a new protein source for animal feed. EnviroFlight has developed proprietary technologies that enable the production of non-pathogenic black soldier fly (BSF) larvae in an industrially scalable manner. According to Intrexon, this innovative approach has considerable potential within the $60 billion global animal feed industry as it will provide an environmentally-friendly, toxin-free, sustainable source of high-value nutrients. 

“Current trends in human population growth drive increased demand for protein supply in food production and we believe that BSF larvae provide the potential to revolutionize the animal feed industries,” commented Corey Huck, senior vice president and head of Intrexon’s Food Sector. “Through our partnership with Darling, we look forward to employing EnviroFlight’s platform to create high-nutrition, low environmental impact animal and fish feed as well as fertilizer products.”

Since late 2014, EnviroFlight has collaborated with Darling Ingredients to refine its scalable production processes for BSF larvae and upgrade its pilot facility. The joint venture intends to begin construction of a commercial plant this year. 

Within the fish and poultry markets, BSF larvae may be more representative of the typical diet of these natural insectivores than soybean and other plant-based meals. Fish meal and fish oil are multi-billion dollar products critical to aquaculture’s continued growth, yet demand is outpacing the fairly inflexible supply for these valuable feeds whose manufacture is heavily dependent on wild-caught fish.

“Black soldier fly larvae meal may represent a very useful ingredient in aquaculture and importantly it has no impact on the marine ecosystem,” stated Dr. Rick Barrows, research physiologist at the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service. “Starter diets for rainbow trout incorporating BSF larvae meal resulted in an increase in feed consumption and growth, showing high palatability suggesting it could be useful with some of the more finicky species such as salmon and yellowtail. Furthermore, we have also found the essential nutrients in BSF larvae meal to have high digestibility.”

While working with regulatory agencies to gain approvals for the use of BSF larvae for food animals, EnviroFlight will continue to supply select markets with animal feed and all-natural fertilizers. 

Novus Celebrates 25 Years

On June 6, 2016, Novus International will celebrate its 25th business anniversary with the theme, “Helping Feed Tomorrow.” Novus was founded in 1991 out of the scientific heritage of Monsanto. The company was subsequently purchased and is still privately held today by Nippon Soda and Mitsui and Company.

Over the past 25 years, Novus has become an industry leader in animal nutrition beginning with its ALIMET and MHA methionine supplements and SANTOQUIN feed preservative primarily for the monogastric and rendering markets. Since then the company has expanded its product portfolio to include chelated trace minerals, enzyme products, and an entire line of organic acids. Novus has also diversified its feed preservation portfolio to include SANTOQUIN Plus for rendered/blended products, SANTOQUIN Q4T for veg-type diets and products, and AGRADO Plus for the ruminant market.

Mahoney Environmental Awarded

Mahoney Environmental, a recycler of used cooking oil for over 60 years, has received the “2015 Vendor of Excellence” award from Buffalo Wild Wings, a national restaurant chain with more than 1,000 locations in North America. Award recipients are chosen based on feedback from headquarters and franchisees.

Each year, Buffalo Wild Wings names Vendors of Excellence and chose Mahoney Environmental for its strategic partnership in supporting the restaurant’s back-of-the-house operations. Mahoney Environmental currently services Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants as their preferred vendor in used cooking oil collection and recycling, grease trap services, and grease reclamation equipment. They are the the only vendor approved by Buffalo Wild Wings to supply grease reclamation equipment.

Malone Named Marketing Director for Kemin Pet Food

Steve Malone has been named director of marketing for Kemin Industries’ pet food division, leading global marketing efforts for the company’s antioxidant, antimicrobial, and palatant business. Prior to Kemin, Malone served in leadership roles in the pet food industry, directing marketing strategy for Pedigree, Nature’s Recipe, and Prescription Diet brands.

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