August 2016

Export Opportunities Elude European Renderers [pdf]

Lift the Export Ban Say European Renderers

European Production Remains Stable [pdf]

Proposed RFS Underestimates Industry’s Potential [pdf]

FPRF Research Wrap-up: Comparing Methods of Meat By-product Disposal


View from Washington: Reality Check in Election Politics

Newsline: Regulatory Agenda for Midwest Renderers

Labor Department Updates Overtime Rule

From the Association: Renderers Go to Washington

Biofuels Bulletin: BIOX Acquires Toronto Biodiesel Plant, Jumps into US Market

International Report: Managing Change in the Rendering Industry

ACREC Solutions: Membrane Separator for Wastewater Treatment

Labor and the Law: New Drug Testing, Retaliation, and Reporting Rules

US Hides and Skins Contribute to Economy

Food Facility Registration Amended

People, Places, and…