Ah, summer. The kickback lazy days when kids are out of school and vacations abound. The heat is up and business cools down. Or does it?

Sales might be a bit slower for some, but United States (US) renderers are still a busy bunch working on preparing to meet new Food Safety Modernization Act requirements that go into effect this fall. The Environmental Protection Agency also kept the industry and its allies on their toes with the release of its proposed Renewable Fuel Standard volumes (see Proposed RFS Underestimates Industry’s Potential). Renderers, biodiesel producers, and groups such as the National Renderers Association (NRA) and National Biodiesel Board prepared and submitted comments calling for higher volumes to meet the growing capacity of the biomass-based diesel industry.

NRA has also been busy educating, first by holding its annual Washington, DC, fly-in (see From the Association), then by releasing a notable infographic that shows rendering is the preferred method of disposal for meat by-products over anaerobic digestion and composting (see Rendering: The Greenest Option). This timely illustration should help lawmakers who are looking at how to reduce food waste in this country. Rendering has been an integral part of taking a “waste” product and turning it into valuable, sought-after commodities for decades. This story needs to be told over and over again!

Finally, Render’s editor was busy earlier this summer learning about the trials and tribulations of renderers across the Atlantic (see “Export Opportunities Elude European Renderers”). Although production is stable in the European Union, exporting ruminant processed animal proteins to third countries remains prohibited leading to an excess of category 3 material, lower prices, and possible incineration of valuable commodities. The European Fat Processors and Renderers Association is working hard this summer to convince the European Commission their product is as safe as others around the world and should be allowed to be exported.

Here’s hoping the busyness of business doesn’t keep you from enjoying a few laid-back lazy summer days.

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