Canadian Renderers Deal with Exports

Members of the Canadian Renderers Association met in October while attending the National Renderers Association convention on Amelia Island, Florida. There was no shortage of issues to address.

There has been no progress made in exporting Canadian meat and bone meal to Indonesia but with a new director-general of agriculture there, renderers hope there might be a change in policy. In the meantime, Vietnam has been approached and negotiations are underway to open this market. Currently, Canadian meat and bone meal is only used in Eastern Canada, British Columbia, and the Philippines, although this market is saturated with product from other countries.

Bruce Ross, Ross Gordon Consultants SPRL, reported that the United Kingdom (UK) will leave the European Union (EU) most likely by mid-2019, opening up the possibility of a new trade agreement between Canada and the UK. Ross stated that with only five cases of bovine spongiform encephalopathy in the EU in 2015, industry looks to further relax the feed ban in the region although a reliable testing protocol to determine species in feed ingredients is still not available.

Canadian renderers are anxiously awaiting the outcome of a United States (US) rule that will finally allow export of yellow grease and used cooking to their neighbors to the south. The US Department of Agriculture is now reviewing the 55 comments received, which were mostly positive, with hopes the rule will be finalized before the new US president takes office in late January 2017.

One issue of contention for Canada is the discovery of ractopamine residue in poultry litter that was traced back to a feed mill that claimed it came from meat and bone meal. This could be a potential problem since the Chinese market, which has a zero tolerance for ractopamine, is a very high priority for the Canadian pork industry. Neither the Canadian Food Inspection Agency nor the poultry or feed industries have requested any changes to feed diets as testing of meat and bone meal for ractopamine has resulted in negative findings to date.

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