Online Training Offered for Code of Practice and FSMA

The National Renderers Association (NRA) and Animal Protein Producers Industry (APPI) are offering a North American Rendering Industry Code of Practice online course that describes the requirements of current good manufacturing practices (CGMP), risk-based preventive controls, and food safety plans under 21 Code of Federal Regulations 507, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation implementing the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) for animal food. There will be particular emphasis placed on identification and evaluation of hazards common to the rendering industry as well as their potential controls. This online course will not result in a certificate from the FDA-recognized training because it is not face-to-face; however, the content will cover similar concepts. This course, in addition to job experience, will prepare participants to develop and apply a food safety plan and be “preventive controls qualified individuals” as described in the FSMA regulation.

The Rendering Code of Practice 201 online course is intended for industry professionals with previous experience in or understanding of the rendering industry. This is an advanced class for participants intending to write, manage, and/or apply feed safety concepts to prevent physical, chemical, and/or biological hazards in rendered products. Targeted participants include individuals working in or managing rendering facilities, raw material suppliers, users of rendered products, and regulatory officials.

Participants who complete the course will be able to:
• summarize the requirements associated with CGMPs;
• describe a food safety plan and its required components;
• determine if a hazard is a known or reasonably foreseeable hazard and/or is a hazard requiring a preventive control;
• explain the management components for a hazard requiring a preventive control;
• name common hazards requiring a preventive control in raw materials for the rendering industry and their typical controls;
• describe the required documentation for a food safety plan; and
• identify primary resources that may be useful when writing or implementing a food safety plan for rendered products.

The course instructor will be Dr. Cassie Jones, assistant professor of feed technology at Kansas State University who holds a joint research, teaching, and outreach appointment in the Department of Grain Science and Industry. Her research efforts include evaluating the effects of ingredients or feed processing technologies on feed safety and nutrient utilization. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses and short courses through the International Grains Program (IGP) Institute. Jones is also on the executive editing team charged by FDA with writing the training curriculum for the preventive controls for the animal food rule.

The five-week course of study will include introduction to the FSMA regulation, examining the food safety hazards in the rendering industry, CGMP requirements, process and sanitation controls, recall plans, and identifying, evaluating, and managing hazards.

Registration is available through the IGP Institute at Kansas State University at Scroll down the page to the Rendering Code of Practice 201 listing and click on “View Details & Register.” Cost for NRA or APPI member companies is $550 per employee while the fee for allied industry or non-member companies is $700 per employee.

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