Writer’s block is real and something this editor was suffering from for this column when suddenly, bam, it hit like a cold shower. Could it really be? Yes! This October issue marks 20 years I have served as editor and publisher of Render magazine. Wow, time really does fly when you are having fun!

Twenty years ago I stepped into some pretty big shoes when Render’s only other editor and publisher, Frank Burnham, put down his pen after 25 years at the helm. Under his leadership, Render won two publishing awards in the 1970s and became the premier magazine for the North American rendering industry. Burnham also wrote the industry’s first book, Rendering: The Invisible Industry, in 1978, which opened another door for educating others on the valuable services renderers provide.

Twenty years ago renderers in the United States and Canada were dealing with the emergence of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, a term that took months for this new editor to pronounce, let alone spell. Regulations soon followed and continue to be revamped to ensure the safety of rendered products in North America’s animal food supply.

Twenty years ago this editor was meeting new people, who have now become like family. No surprise there as the rendering industry is one big family, working toward the common good of producing valuable, quality, safe feed and fuel ingredients for a growing and hungry world.

Twenty years ago Render was the “national” magazine of rendering. Today, its “international” tagline shows how rendering has become a global industry and that Render has evolved to become the premier magazine for renderers and their customers, livestock and meat producers, feed manufacturers, and regulators worldwide.

The support Render has received – from the industry, readers, and especially the advertisers who make publishing this magazine possible – over the past 20 years is incredibly appreciated. Your involvement has ensured a quality product is delivered six times a year.

I cannot imagine working for a greater group of people.

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