Bestwick to Lead NRA

The National Renderers Association (NRA) welcomed new officers at its annual convention in October.

Ridley Bestwick, West Coast Reduction (WCR) Ltd. in Canada, was named chairman for the next two years; Doyle Leefers, National Beef, was appointed vice chairman; and Michael Smith, Valley Proteins Inc., became second vice chairman.

Upon accepting his new position, Bestwick addressed the NRA Board of Directors, first thanking outgoing chairman Tim Guzek, Sanimax, for his many years of service and leadership to NRA. During his term as chairman, Guzek helped implement a new dues structure keeping the association financially sound and was key in ensuring the United States’ Food Safety Modernization Act regulation was workable for renderers. He also helped keep NRA focused on its 2020 Strategic Plan.

“And, of course, behind successful leaders there is often a spouse who acts as a backstop and sounding board for the trials and tribulations,” Bestwick noted. “Thank you, Rene, for supporting Tim in his role as NRA chair.

“When I think back on the chairmen who have led the NRA during my 22 years of involvement – Jerry Smith, Mike Koewler, David Evans, Mike Langenhorst, Humphry Koch, Doug Anderson, David Kaluzny II, Mike Riser, Michael Koewler, J.J. Smith, Kevin Golding, Ross Hamilton, and Tim Guzek – I am truly, truly humbled,” Bestwick continued. “My goal over the next two years is to keep driving the strategic imperatives in NRA’s 2020 Strategic Plan. I will also help find new products, attract new upstream and downstream NRA members, and protect and enhance the NRA brand. Our industry needs to be trusted by society.

“Thinking back to my first NRA convention in 1997 in Tucson, Arizona, Mike Meyers asked me, ‘How was West Coast Reduction able to attract someone like you to an industry like this?’” Bestwick shared. “I was puzzled by the question, but the answer is clear. As Gordon Diamond [WCR chairman] often says, the rendering industry is ‘the best,’ meaning that the people are the best.

“I thank Gordon Diamond and Barry Glotman [WCR chief executive officer and president] for their support in me taking on this commitment. I look forward to serving the NRA over the next two years and as my mentor, Humphry Koch [WCR vice chairman], would say, ‘serve to lead.’”

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