February 2017

Biodiesel Keeps Moving Forward [pdf]

Biodiesel Industry Honors Champions

Renewable Hydrocarbon Diesel 101 [pdf]


View from Washington: The Infamous First 100 Days

Newsline: Biomass-based Diesel Delivers but Challenges Ahead

A Little Tallow with that Cash?

Glycerin Market to Reach $2.1 Billion by 2024

Biofuels Bulletin: EPA Finalizes RFS Volumes, Industry Hits Record

From the Association: Looking Ahead in 2017

FPRF Research Wrap-up: Research Paying off in the New Year

USDA Funds Overseas Programs

International Report: Argentina Renderers Work toward Sustainability

New Zealand Renderers Gather for Seminar

Tech Topics: Flexitanks for a Competitive Shipping Advantage

Insect Protein Okay for Feed in Europe

Labor and the Law: Massive Fall Protection Rule Issued in Final Hours

People, Places, and…

Dedicated Ohio Renderer Passes [pdf]