Export Markets Elude Canadian Renderers

Canadian renderers continue to struggle with export markets for their products. Currently, the Philippines is the only country importing meat and bone meal from Canada at nearly $250 less per metric ton than meal from the United States (US). Although the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is working with various countries, including Vietnam and Bangladesh, to expand rendered product exports, it is “tough” and “painful” at times, according to several Canadian renderers. There is no hope of Indonesia, once a thriving export market for Canadian rendered products, reopening its borders at this time.

Another obstacle for Canadian renderers is the finalization of a small ruminant rule in the United States that was on hold until late April due to the new presidential administration. The proposed rule was published last July and would allow the importation of tallow and used cooking oil derived from cervids, camelids, ovines, and caprines. The National Renderers Association submitted comments in September supporting the rule and is working to ensure the rule is finalized and implemented as soon as possible to avoid any further trade restrictions. US tallow and used cooking oil can currently be exported to Canada, but the same product produced in Canada, even if it contains US product, cannot be imported into the United States.

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