Mother Nature was in a very, very bad mood this summer.

Three massive hurricanes pummeled parts of Texas, most of Florida, and many beautiful Caribbean Islands that will take years to recover. Scores of people lost their lives, but considering the destructive nature of these storms, millions of people thankfully emerged alive, albeit battered.

While these storms are forecasted long before they hit, until they actually make landfall, there is no way of really knowing how severe things will get. Therefore planning ahead is imperative, if not regulated, as evidenced by several articles in this issue of Render. After a quick check around some of the damaged areas, it appears rendering plants emerged unscathed, although some of their employees were not so fortunate, suffering property loss due to flooding, fallen trees, or power outages.

Houston, Texas, was hit hard by feet of rain that created historical flooding. A handful of Darling Ingredients Inc. employees who work at the company’s Houston plant lost their homes, personal belongings, and vehicles. A GoFundMe account has been set up to assist these individuals with recovery.

One colleague near and dear to Render who suffered loss in Houston is Bud Hughes of Travis Body and Trailer, a long-time advertiser and supporter of the rendering industry. He and his wife Janet escaped their home in the dark of night as floodwaters rose quickly, having only moments to grab their dog and a few items of clothing. Unfortunately, disaster struck just as Hughes was retiring after 26 years with the company.

News out of Florida and Puerto Rico, where the National Renderers Association 84th Annual Convention was scheduled to take place October 23-27, was still emerging at press time. The positive news from all this destruction is that none of these rendering family members suffered loss of life or personal injury. However, emotionally and financially, it will be a long road ahead for those directly impacted.

We here at Render send prayers and healing thoughts to all those affected by these torrential storms as they emerge from their recovery.

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