Michigan Used Cooking Oil Collection business – 1,000-plus customers
Processing plant and shop on 5 acres, tank farm with 11 tanks of over 250,000 gallons of storage. Contact Phil at (313) 570-7058


FOR SALE: One Sharples Model P3400 Decanter Centrifuge and Two P5000’s.
Contact Ron at Surplus ULTD Inc. (786) 518-2711 or cell (954) 243-8587

Processes convert wastewater/DAF sludge into non-oily dry products.
Web: Rigel Technology

NEW DUPPS COOKER/HYDROLYZOR – 5×16. Built to comply with the ASME code for 100 psig jacket pressure, 100 psig internal pressure, and includes the appropriate code stamping. Dupps No. 8 style drive that includes a 1750 RPM Lincoln TEFC motor, coupled to a herringbone type gear reducer that is direct coupled to the agitator shaft. The standard agitator shaft speed is 28 RPM. Up to 10,000 lb. (4,500 kg) batch capacity. Contact Alves Neri at (203) 252-4952, or email

FOR SALE - Westfalia Desludger Centrifuge-Clarifier with self-cleaning bowl. SA-60-06-177. Have manuals and all tools for the machine. Stainless construction, 40 hp, main drive motor. All electric switchgear H-beam mounted. Rebuilt, but used very little. $60,000.
WANTED - Used Anco 10” 202-6 crax press or any parts for 202-6.
Contact Bud at (704) 485-4700, fax (704) 485-2222, or e-mail

FOR SALE (1) Dupps 260 U super cookor, installed new 2010. Cookor is in excellent condition, runs very well with no issues. All yearly inspections are on file and were performed by Dupps technician. Contact Harry Radloff at Caviness Beef Hereford, TX (806) 357-2443, cell (806) 363-0262, or email