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In 2018, RENDER entered its 47th year serving the North American and global rendering industry. RENDER is published February, April, June, August, October, and December as a non-profit activity in association with the National Renderers Association in the interest of informing the North American and global rendering and its affiliated industries on management, operations, research and development, product markets, environmental control, quality assurance, and legislative issues within all facets of the rendering industry.

RENDER continues to be the only magazine focusing on the US and global rendering industry, and with advertising rates at 2007 levels for the 11th straight year, there’s no better time to advertise than now!

Industry leaders worldwide recognize RENDER as the premier publication for informing the global rendering and affiliate industries about challenges faced from government regulations across the world, ever-changing international markets, new and improved technology for rendering operations, the benefits of rendered products in animal nutrition, and new markets for animal fats and proteins. Because RENDER is the only publication serving the US and global rendering industry, you have a captive audience when you advertise in Render.

Along with the 3,400 US and international subscribers, RENDER is seen by about 2,000 monthly visitors to the magazine’s website. This adds additional value for promoting your product or service in RENDER as advertisers receive a complimentary website link on the Suppliers page for the length of each advertising contract. In addition, each issue of RENDER is posted on the site as an interactive file, allowing readers to click on a web link in any ad.

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