Haarslev Acquires New Zealand-based Flo-Dry Engineering

December 12, 2011 | Haarslev Industries has acquired all shares in the New Zealand-based company Flo-Dry Engineering, Ltd. The transaction closed on December 9, 2011.

Since 1983, Flo-Dry has specialized in supplying the MIRINZ type low temperature rendering systems, municipal sludge drying systems, gel-bone processing systems, as well as a system to produce biodiesel from animal fats.

Many rendering installations in New Zealand and Australia use the Haarslev type of indirect heated rendering systems. The acquisition will give present users in New Zealand and Australia local access to service and the latest technologies developed by Haarslev Industries in recent years. Flo-Dry will gain access to markets in Europe, Russia, North and South America, Asia, and the Middle East where Haarslev Industries is already established.

The product portfolios and the working procedures of Haarslev Industries and Flo-Dry Engineering supplement each other in a way that enables the companies to share expertise in different fields and jointly develop products of the highest quality, resulting in the widest product and process range. Furthermore, the combined sales offices and agent network will provide global coverage for the two companies both within the rendering and fish meal industries as well as the environment sector, where drying of municipal and industrial sludge is a major part of the business.

Flo-Dry Engineering will now operate as Haarslev Industries, Ltd., offering the group’s full product program.

“The product portfolios of the two companies are complementary to a large extent," said Tissa Fernando of Flo-Dry Engineering. "Together with Haarslev Industries, we will have the size, innovative capacity, and global presence needed to succeed in our competitive industry.”

“Flo-Dry customers will benefit from the process technologies and strong manufacturing capabilities of Haarslev Industries,” commented Claus Østergaard, president and chief executive officer of Haarslev Industries. “Having our own office in New Zealand and Australia enables us to offer local support and service to our valuable customers in this region.”

Haarslev Industries has production facilities in Denmark, Spain, Brazil, Peru, and China. The expected total turnover of the group amounts to about EUR 200 million in 2011, and the total number of employees worldwide is approximately 650. Haarslev was founded by the Østergaard family in 1973 and is still partly family-owned and managed. The company has many years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing processing equipment for the rendering, fish meal, and biofuel industries worldwide as well as solutions for the fast growing market for sludge drying.