Baker Commodities Acquires New Leaf Biofuel

October 7, 2014 | Baker Commodities Inc., a leader in the rendering and recycling industry since 1937 and long-time supporter of, and supplier to, the biodiesel industry, has acquired a controlling interest in San Diego, CA-based New Leaf Biofuel. The purchase allows Baker Commodities to expand into other markets that vertically integrate with its rendering operations, and brings added value for the fats and oils it produces.

“We are excited to have New Leaf Biofuel as a division that will continue the recycling of fats and oils into an environmentally clean and sustainable fuel for all Californians to use,” said Jim Andreoli Jr, co-president, Baker Commodities. “As renderers, we in the industry have been recycling fats and proteins for hundreds of years, and to be able to use these materials to further support our society’s needs is a natural fit for our rendering business.”

Since 2006, New Leaf Biofuel has been converting used cooking oil into ultra-low carbon biodiesel that is used in commercial and municipal fleets throughout California. New Leaf Biofuel President Jennifer Case and her husband Tyler Case, vice president of operations, are excited to work with Baker as the general operators of New Leaf Biofuel.

“We couldn’t be happier about becoming part of Baker Commodities,” said Case. “We are both family-owned businesses and share very similar philosophies and corporate sustainability goals. We’re excited to help the company in its future growth.”

Baker Commodities’ network of more than 21 facilities across the United States converts animal by-products into commercial commodities such as high-protein ingredients for poultry feed and pet food, and tallow, a valuable ingredient in soaps, paints, cosmetics, and more. Baker’s facilities also convert used cooking oil into yellow grease, a key ingredient in biodiesel fuels.